The wishes the dreams the hopes the goals .. thats what i've been living with
Thats what i've been trying to get to see , its been a hard teenage life a hard growing up life a freaking hard 17 years life .. my whole life has been undescribed unknown by the painful scars by the painful memories and how i am forced to live with , and by the present being complicated and by the future being unclear and full of unstable thoughts .. so what are my dreams what are my wishes ?
I have been always wanting to be able to act with no fear no limits just me and my creativity my passion .. like the long road is infront of me and nothing is keeping me from moving forward just going straight to where i wanna be to the castles of royalty to the work i believe in to the freedom of no limits .. i wanna walk and keep on walking because thats how i want my life to be .. i wanna do mistakes and repeat them without anyone judging me or grounding me or telling me what to do i wanna live my Age as i've never been to i wanna be foolish i wanna be 17 & 18 and even 40 ..
I wanna do things without having to regret the actions and the consequences and never to be worried about who's gonna stare at me or even reject me .. i wanna know people for me not because of anyone else i wanna have the opportunity to share things with the relashions i build not worrying about destroying it when i dont want it .i wanna say NO to people whenever i want i want to say it with no fear i wanna say NO to whomever giving orders i wanna choose i want to have the chance to choose to really CHOOSE .
I wanna have a place that fits me a place where i can keep my things without labeling them and trying so hard to keep them safe i want a place where i can sleep in peacefully without anyone slamming the doors or trying to wake me up for chores , sleeping without the sounds of harm .. i wanna sleep whenever i want not whenever my Roomie wants to shut the lights and stop everyother activity , i want to believe that i can take risks and be on adventures and live wild .. i've been always the tidy quiet wise successful brilliant always giving girl i never took risks with my actions because i always Think of the results before , i wanna be able to be who i wanna be i wanna form myself as i want not as my parents or other people wants me to be .
Thats how i want to be .
" dreams never come true untill time pass by showing you what you're capable of making true "

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