it's the feeling i get when i hear all of these suggestions .. Although i can easily not follow their whole ideas .. but i easily get distracted wanting to choose when i dont have an option to offer or an idea to give ..
thats what i've been facing ..
i am forced by time to choose but because i am speechless with my choices i can't decide wheather i want this or that .. that's why i am breaking with a life time choice .. my whole life depends on what i agree on or what i decide and carry on with .. its been hard to  choose when i have all of these opportunities the full marks the high grades and a full option human being and all of these options infront of me .. its so wide that i can't capture something i want to move on with .. i don't know wheather to follow what i want or what my dad dreams of or what the people's suggestions are ..
everyone tells me follow what you desire ..
thats the thing i dont have that much of desires i have in a matter of fact but they're not suitable for my future lifestyle thats why i have to stick to wise choices where the features are desirable and wanted .
give me an idea ..
are you for listening to people's suggestions depending on their experiences ?
or the old fashioned who takes their parents dream and follow it ?
or the last person who takes what he desires ?
or even the person who enters and takes what's more suitable for him ?
please help ?
if i get a goid respond i will keep on posting the whole story in details ..
you'd be helping someone :)
" a future depends on a choice "

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