With my comfort being in my room although its not only mine i share it ..
but its always nice to have some lonely time to myself without my roommate  interrupting me with his activities ..
this is ME time .. the time i wake up looking around not seeing anyone in the room but myself .. AND this episode gets annoyed and cut by the inspector
:/ yeah my mother arguing with me about how lazy i am and why i am in bed till this late hour .. i mean its a holiday isn't that the main purpose of it ??
this scenario never gets old its repeated everyday .. but its not always interrupted by the same person .. and not always at the same time .. within my early morning sleeping hours the REALLY early ones .. the after midnight hours .. the sound that wakes me up when i am not supposed to .. the one that opens my eyes not trying to wake up but trying to go to sleep again .. that sound . the SOUND of hitting and screaming the SOUND of shouting and abusing the SOUND of breaking ..
these all sounds come ALL at once the terrifying heartbeats the shocked faces the screams and the shakings the heart attacks the unsafe place to be around in .. not a drinking problem not emotionally attacked but the unwise actions .. he may do all thses things and then calm everything down but still , the way we lived that moment not knowing what to do .. not being able to make a sound to defend ourselfs to hit back to stand up and scream nothing nothing but tears and hate nothing but dark shades following us the pain the scars the blood nothing but all of these being memorized with us with ME .
" a face expression can tell more than you think "

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